Tip Jar Rules:

  • The Tip Jar usage is on a first come, first serve basis and will open At the Beginning of Every Live.
  • TIPS are in limited daily supply and typically sell out with-in the first 5 minutes of live.
  • You are only allowed 2 tips per 24 hour time frame.
  • If you tip more than this you will be refunded and possibly suspended from the tip jar without refund or notice. 
  • Tips that are rendered will be answered by Bootz LIVE with-in the nearest proximity of when you purchased a Tip and the Live Broadcast.
  • Tips that are submitted after 10:00 pm EST are subject be answered on the next Live Broadcast
  • If you use abusive or disrespectful language during the live you will be suspended from the tip jar! 


 Current Live Schedule: 

Monday-Friday 9pm EST

Broadcasting from

"Brandon Roberts" on Facebook.

@BootzTarot on Instagram



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