To inspire people to be themselves proudly and unapologetically.
— Bootz Durango

My name is Brandon “Bootz” Roberts and I began life as an orphan on this Earth. I was adopted by a single parent Gwendolyn Roberts in Charlotte North Carolina. With her belief in “the power of the word”, we both began manifesting a loving father and husband. Bruce Wright made his grand appearance in our lives when I was 11 years of age and we have had a loving family structure since that time.

Early in life, I began studying music which really honed in on my craving for the spotlight. I was known as the wildchild who loved to be the center of attention. At the age of 13, I visited a summer camp by the name of “Anytown USA” where I was empowered to accept myself for being the brightly talented and unapologetically flamboyant homosexual you see before you today.

My entertainment career really started when I began crashing the morning announcements in high school. (Hopewell High School)  I used to find any reason and/or organization to affiliate with just to make a blissful appearance and enlighten the student body very proudly. Countless piano recitals, step team performances, and speaking engagements followed this venture but nothing thrilled me like the inspiration I was able to deliver to my entire student body.

Into my college years, the persona “Bootz Durango” was born.
— Bootz Durango

It was a vivid representation of everything I wanted to believe I was, while simultaneously realizing why I craved this attention and it became my tagline for life: “To inspire people to be themselves proudly and unapologetically.”

In 2009, I began posting YouTube videos in college which reflected my underdeveloped personality and musical abilities. In my small college town of Greensboro, North Carolina, I became a local celebrity for my many endeavors and outrageous style and capitalized on it by booking consistent shows, parties, radio shows, sponsorships and online monetizations. I received celebrity attention for my music video tributes.    I also cultivated crafting my own music via the inspiration these tributes breathed into me. One tribute cultivated even landed me a spot on America’s Got Talent. My Youtube currently has over 1 million views.  It was around this time, I began demonstrating my spirituality by performing insightful intuitive spiritual readings in local dive bars around town.

Graduating college was difficult. Bootz had a place in Greensboro, but that place was not cemented and understood by the “real world.” I reluctantly shed the “costume” of Bootz and fell into a deep depression where my only outlet was music and hosting events in character back in Greensboro. I was at a crossroads. Do I allow the world to dictate who I was for monetary gain, or do I stay true to who I had become?

Walk confidently in the direction of your fulfillment.
— Bootz Durango

After graduating college with a BA in Broadcasting and Media Studies (BFA), I began doing product demonstration in local food markets across the country. Searching for a perfect community conducive to my character while getting my performing fix. During this time, I recorded a reality show pilot which recounted the events of my life after graduating college while readying myself to venture to Hollywood to pursue the big dream. I was in search of a community that I could display every aspect of myself while maintaining my monetary gains. In meditation, a brilliant idea sparked with-in my vessel. I am going to move to Hollywood! The land of the crazy dream chasers. A place where my zany style could be understood and I would become a star! I saved my money, and with the help of my parents, I bought a car and choreographed a tour of the southern states doing product demonstration in route to my new home in Los Angeles, California.

In 2016, I packed that car with everything I could fit in it, kissed my parents and the ideology that I had to conform to be successful farewell and I hit the road with a cigarette and my spirituality (which was still very private to me). Like most young souls who venture to Los Angeles, my stay there was temporary. I was able to maintain one year. While attaining a multitude of various professions, and learning an array of skills, I reluctantly packed that same car and commuted back to North Carolina where I would again shed the image of myself that I had grown to represent the same thing it had always represented. “To inspire people to be themselves proudly and unapologetically.” I took off the outfit and fell into the deepest most sobering depression I had ever experienced. I was once again applying for jobs as “Brandon” and living in my mother’s abode with an added pressure of being 27 years old and missing my mark. The marked defined by the world as adulthood.

I hit the road with a cigarette and my spirituality
— Bootz Durango

On June 17, 2017, I decided to broadcast myself via Instagram and FaceBook live expressing my spirituality through the character I had grown to attune my performance art to. I told myself, if I make one dollar, I would continue. That day I made 5.  If you notice in this biography, there are few references to spirituality because my gifts have been a guiding force behind who I have been and what I have done. From me being adopted, to the inspiration to steal the spotlight in high school, which transitioned to me hosting parties and the birth of “Bootz”, to me cultivating audiences of 50+ people in supermarkets, to journeying to Los Angeles, to broadcasting live via various social media; every step of the way I have been subconsciously (and consciously) guided to the fulfillment of my wildest dream.

Through various spiritual practices (most of which cannot be disclosed) I have groomed my gifts via my mother and various spiritual advisors. I believe in the power of the infinite divine universe which has purpose for every being and through my own experiences and intuitive incites, I aim to empower you to not only “be yourself proudly and unapologetically” but to “walk confidently in the direction of your fulfillment.” I am a jack of all trades entertainment and spiritual, and a master at the craft I am focusing on at the time. I thank you for reading and I wish you well upon your individual journey. I’ll leave you with a quote by Michael Beckwith from the Church of Agape International, “Mind Your Mind!”

Every step of the way,
I have been subconsciously (and consciously)
guided to the fulfillment of my wildest dreams.