September 16/2019-September 20/2019

Have you ever wanted to spend an entire vacation with these Good Bootz? We will do you one better and make it affordable, luxurious, and filled with bootz energy!

Royal Caribbean cruise Line has blessed us with a 5 day / 4 night on-board and off-board cruising experience from September 16, 2019- September 20, 2019 at an extremely discounted rate! We have limited reserved balcony rooms which are currently fully booked via their website. We board The Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas from Miami florida and will cruise throughout the Bahamas for 5 days and 4 nights.

Amenities include but not limited to: Casino, on board water park, fine dining, Bars, Ice Skating, Spa services and more! Click Here for full list of entertainment and services rendered.

“I have never been on a cruise before and we have been Digitally cruising together this long, what the heck? I cannot wait to spend my first one with you and yours!” - Love, Bootz